About Us

At Minxxx Magic our ethos is to create a feminine centric, sensual, sexually liberated movement that courageously & shamelessly shines light onto our collective shadow. Through integrity & crystal clear conscious communication, we empower all that journey with us to be brave. Brave to own the power & Minxxx Magic that lives inside YOU!

Unwavering in our pursuit of sexual pleasure & liberation we educate AND are educated by you through empowered dissemination of knowledge & resources while holding space in a safe & respectful environment.

Shame has taught us only one flavour exists; Vanilla. Release the shame & realize all the magical flavours & extra toppings our magical world has to offer. Come explore all things NON-VANILLA with us.

Non-vanilla ~ Daring, empowered & adventurous while respecting your own boundaries. Consciously breaking behavior that is within the patriarchal range of societally accepted norms. Becoming consciously shameless. Opening a dialogue on taboo topics. Embracing & honoring all of YOU, your light & shadow in the light of day

We have a list of discreet, Minxxx Xperience professionals that include but are by no means limited to:

  • Minxxx Massage
  • Minxxx Xperience Boudoir Photography / Bodyscape Photography
  • Minxxx Xperience Live Entertainment
  • Tanta Practitioners
  • Professional Domanatrix Services
  • Sexual Healing Practitioners
  • Minxxx Xperience erotica stories weaved around your fantasies
  • Non vanilla clubs with preferred partners
  • Bespoke Non-Vanilla date nights (tailor made to suit your needs)

Explore your darkest desires & fantasies at our discreet events & private parties which are sure to titillate your senses & arouse your shadow self.