About Us

About Minxxx Magic

Lets open dialogue on all things taboo. Come alchemize the magic that is you & explore all the delightful flavours that are available for your choosing. Come alchemize with us, discover the delicious decadence that is YOU! Embrace & honour all of YOU, your light & shadow in the light of day.

We source & facilitate workshops & events. A-List Minxxx members receive invites to exclusive, private & discreet, A-list parties which are sure to titillate your senses & arouse your shadow self while we explore your darkest desires & fantasies.

Our PG-List Minxxx members receive notifications on our events which are open to the public & where they can discover the magic our world has to offer with live burlesque shows, public workshops, Goddess Nights & generally empowered liberated entertainment.


Who is Alpha Minx?

Alpha Minx, founder of Minxxx Magic & shadow dancer extraordinaire who was surrounded by fiery women & men who fanned the fires of desire. An empowered & shameless life warrior with an unwavering pursuit to provide holistic support for an empowered life by personally modeling courageous, empowered & brave participation in all aspects of life to all her clients & social network. A certified massage therapist & Bodyworker she was honoured to share deeply vulnerable spaces with her clients & facilitate the shameless ownership of their core essence – Its time to share that space with the world! (Can we say big dreams?).

We are creative, sensual beings & I believe as a culture we have cut ourselves of from our core essence, our core creativity. It starts in childhood where our sensuality & sexuality are intrinsically linked; where that is far from the truth. Our sexuality is merely one avenue that we express our primal creative life force through. We (as women, & all that possess the sacred feminine) have been taught that our sensuality AND sexuality are shameful, that WE are shameful. Anything within us that is shamed is sent to the deepest, darkest parts of our psyche, it becomes our shadow.

We are both light & shadow; we embody both the sacred feminine & sacred masculine. We are beautifully whole beings that have stepped into a place of dissonance. Our culture of disconnect stems I believe, from our disconnect from ourselves, a disconnect from our shadow. Currently (albeit slowly changing) our society walks around in a perpetual state of unconsciousness. Being driven by the dark shady underworld. I passionately believe that if we bring light to our shadow and embrace all of ourselves, allowing ourselves to be guided by our shadow, the driving force behind our society will change. If we own our shadow, it can’t own us! We do this by being shameless. By owning the greatness of all that we are. By not daring to make ourselves smaller! Finding the quiet calm of running before we are able. We can no longer afford the price we pay when we dishonour ourselves. We need to courageously bring voice to all things taboo. We do this by respectfully exploring our boundaries & honouring them. In the same vain we honour others. We can no longer afford to betray ourselves. THAT is the ultimate betrayal – the ultimate SHAMEl!!!