We source & facilitate workshops & events. A-List Minxxx members receive invites to exclusive, private & discreet, A-list parties which are sure to titillate your senses & arouse your shadow self while we explore your darkest desires & fantasies.

Our PG-List Minxxx members receive notifications on our events which are open to the public & where they can discover the magic our world has to offer with live burlesque shows, public workshops, Goddess Nights & generally empowered liberated entertainment.

We have a list of discreet, Minxxx Xperience professionals that include but are by no means limited to

  • Minxxx Massage
  • Minxxx Xperience Boudoir Photography / Bodyscape Photography
  • Minxxx Xperience Live Entertainment
  • Tanta Practitioners
  • Professional Domanatrix Services
  • Sexual Healing Practitioners
  • Minxxx Xperience erotica stories weaved around your fantasies
  • Non vanilla clubs with preferred partners
  • Bespoke Non-Vanilla date nights (tailor made to suit your needs)

Fiery energy freely flows when any of the Minxxx’s are near. The beat of their footsteps dance in their eyes & if you can get close enough you will notice it raging in their eyes as they look straight through you deep down to your very soul existence.

Their magic sees YOU. Their magic unravels the walls & boxes you’ve put yourself into aided by societal should and ought’s & tugs from within your darkest recesses the shadow self yearning to come & play within the magic realm that the Minxxx’s so daringly exist in.

And if you but dare, you can visit this realm too! Come let your magic dance with ours.  Come explore your fantasies & locked away desires.

Do you dare dance with the Minxxx Magic? Do you dare to embrace your shadow self & experience the marvel of all you truly are?

The Minxxx’s hold the key & together we can soar into as yet untold wonders of lust & love & joyous delight.

  • LGBTQI+ inclusive
  • Poly friendly
  • Kink friendly
  • Sex positive